4 Signs Your Roof Is Leaking
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January 2, 2018
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4 Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

Your roof is one of the sturdiest structures of your entire property, but it can be vulnerable. While it can endure a lot of what nature throws at it, it can be deceptive at letting you know that there’s actually something wrong with it. Even something as simple as a leak can sometimes be hard to find.

4 Signs Your Roof Is Leaking

In this post, your trusted local roofing company lists four signs your roof is leaking.

1. Cracked Flashings

Flashings are thin strips, usually made of metal, located in your roof’s most vulnerable parts, such as the joints of the roof and the valleys. They’re essentially the roof’s waterproofing barrier, so if they accrue extensive damage, they’ll be helpless against water, causing leaks. Check your flashings regularly to prevent water intrusion.

2. Broken Shingles

Cracked, broken and torn-off shingles expose your roof’s underlayment and the wooden parts of the structure. Leaving the shingles unaddressed makes your home more susceptible to storm damage and inclement weather and can even affect your home’s ventilation. As your local roofer, we recommend replacing broken shingles and filling bare patches of your roof immediately, but don’t do this on your own; call us instead. It can be dangerous for a novice.

3. Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters will cause the accumulated water to spill over to the side, which could damage the siding and landscaping and even seep into the foundation. In the worse cases, the extra weight on the gutters could actually pull down the roof’s fascia, damaging your shingles further. When this happens, your roof is at risk of developing larger leaks that can be even more expensive to get rid of.

4. Condensation in the Attic

A sure sign you have a leak somewhere is if the attic is experiencing condensation. Condensation happens when temperatures clash, such as when cold air meets a warm surface. In the attic, this usually involves water intrusion from the roof and the room’s warmer, ambient temperature levels. You can tell if this is the case if you notice a strong, musty smell emanating from the attic itself.

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