Gutter Protection

Your gutters perform several critical functions for your home. They help extend the life of your roof by helping drain rain or snow from the surface of your roof. Additionally, they redirect the water away from the home so water falling from the edge of the roof does not erode the foundation. Finally, by directing water away from your home, gutters drastically decrease the chances of having leaks and other water damage, including dry rot. These functions are all extremely important, and gutter protection systems are a great way to make sure your gutters are functioning properly.


A typical gutter protection system is made up of, essentially, a durable piece of mesh that is installed over your gutter. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can all easily collect in your gutters without a protection system. This means, without that protection system, you have to clean out your gutters regularly or they will not function properly and your roof and even your home can become damaged. The mesh piece keeps dirt and debris from collecting in your gutters, ensuring your gutters will function properly, protecting your home.

Certainly, leaves and other debris can get stuck on the protection system, but this only requires infrequent cleaning. Water will still be able to pass through the mesh and debris and keep your gutters free of debris.

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