How Big Does Hail Have to be to Cause Damage?


As most Oklahomans already know, hail can do significant damage to your roof. This damage can vary in severity depending on the size of the hail and the strength of your roof. Hail can knock off the granules on your shingles all the way up to damaging the integrity of the shingle altogether. So at what size hail does damage occur?

Hail sizes can range from pea-sized to grapefruit or softball-sized, so obviously each of these sizes will affect your roof differently. Pea (1/4 inch) or even dime-sized hail is pretty common when severe storms strike, and these sizes can knock granules off your shingles. While this damage may not seem very serious, it can shorten the life expectancy of your roof and even lead to roof leaks. These leaks, at this size, can come due to your shingles being exposed to the sun and cracking.

Hail that is a bit larger (around marble-sized or 1/2 inch) can break through the granules and actually dent the shingle, weakening it. You can spot this damage by looking at your roof and seeing what looks like small holes.

Larger hail, such as golf ball sized hail, can cause significant damage to a roof while softball-sized hail can go straight through your roof. Softball-sized hail is rare, but the threat of it should be taken seriously. Any exposed or broken areas should be covered and repaired as soon as possible.

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