How to Safely Climb Your Roof

Sometimes, simple roof maintenance requires accessing and climbing out on your roof, putting you in a dangerous situation. However, there are techniques you can use when climbing up your roof that will ensure you safely get the job done.


1. When heading out on your roof, make sure to make an anchor for yourself by tossing a rope over your roof and anchoring it on the other side. Additionally, purchase and wear a safety harness and attach the rope to the harness instead of tying the rope around your body. This will make sure you are anchored more securely. Finally, do not tug on the rope as you climb the roof. The rope is not there to help you climb your roof, but is there to act as a lifeline should you slip and fall.

2. Next, walk carefully when you are on your roof. Never run or carelessly walk when you are up there. Additionally, stay off your roof if it has been raining or snowing outside. Your roof can become slick and the likelihood of falls increase drastically. It is best to wait until your roof dries out.

3. Another helpful tip is to wear tennis shoes when you are on your roof. These will provide appropriate grip and balance as you work.

4. Lastly, if you are uncomfortable climbing up on your roof or if you have a very steep roof, contact a professional to come do the job. Safety should always be the number one priority.

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