Main Considerations Before Having a Deck Installed

Deck construction is one of the best home additions you can pursue. This project’s advantages could not be overstated. It will increase your usable space, especially if you have more lawn area than you need. If you have limited yard space, a deck can be raised up high to maximize your real estate.


According to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report, a deck addition can deliver an ROI of up to 81.4%. In other words, you are extremely likely to recoup most of your initial costs when you sell your house.

To make the most of your deck, here are the factors you should the most when planning it, according to Billings Construction Group.


Experienced decking and roofing companies will advise you to check first if the prospective location of your deck is level. If the ground is flat, you may need a patio instead.

The logic behind deck building is to construct a flat structure on rugged terrain. That is why decks have legs and are elevated from the ground. A deck is an ultimate alternative to a patio if the ground is uneven. A deck can be built on any land, but it is not your only choice if your yard does not have a slope.


Much like when planning a commercial roofing replacement, the functionality should be high on the agenda when tackling deck construction. The purpose you have in mind will define its layout, so it is important to be clear about what you want right from the start.


Generally, there are two types of decking materials: wood and composite. Each has its own pros and cons, so there is a point to nitpick. Billings Construction Group recommends weighing your options based on key areas, such as weather resistance, beauty, cost and maintenance.

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