Poor Weather and Your Roof:

Severe weather impacts just about every part of society. Wind, hail, and snow can all cause damage and even shut down cities. As you can imagine, they can also take a toll on your roof. Here are a few ways weather can impact your roof.


Strong winds, including tornadoes, can significantly damage your roof. Winds can cause impact damage by blowing debris on your roof, but they can also rip up shingles. Missing shingles can lead to leaks, which can lead to high energy bills and even cause damage to your home.

Hail is one of the most notorious severe weather events that can damage your roof. While large hail can damage the structure of your roof, small hail can tear off granules on the shingles and put divots in them as well. This wear and tear can lead to leaks which shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Snow and ice can cause damage as well, although this is not as common in Oklahoma. Large amounts of snow on your roof can weigh it down and weaken the integrity of your roof. Ice can settle on your roof and melt over time. However, as it slowly melts, it can also refreeze. After it melts, it can refreeze at the bottom of the roof, forming ice dams. Ice dams make it nearly impossible for your roof to properly drain, and this can lead to roof leaks. Additionally, water can seep down into crevices in your roof and shingles and freeze. The water expands as it freezes and can crack your shingles and cause damage.

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