Roof Do's & Don’ts

Roof repairs and maintenance come with the territory when you own a home. Occasionally, you may get the urge to make a repair to your roof or addition to your home. However, some of these urges should not be acted on or should be completed by a professional or you may wind up with significant damage to your home. Here are a few projects we have seen that have caused damage in the past:


1. Under no circumstance should you install a basketball hoop that attaches to the roof. The ball hitting the hoop can wear down and break the seals loose on your roof, resulting in water damage once it rains.

2. If you own an asphalt shingle roof, avoid power washing your roof. Power washing works great to rid areas of dirt and debris, but when used on your asphalt shingle roof, it will knock granules loose which makes your roof more prone to leaks and will shorten the lifespan of the roof.

3. If replacing a damaged roof, make sure to completely remove your old roof. It seem like a good way to save money at the beginning of a project to only replace a portion of your roof, but it is really will just end up costing you a lot of money in the long-run. Proper roof installation requires a complete roof tear-off.

4. If you spot debris on your roof, make sure to remove it. Debris can hinder your roof’s ability to drain and can lead to moss or mold buildup and cause serious damage.

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