When it comes to choosing new windows nowadays, plain ones just won’t cut it any longer. After all, they can’t protect the interior of your home or make it energy-efficient. With the advancement of technology, on the other hand, windows can now help protect your home’s interiors and lower your monthly bills at the same time. This is all due to three components: glass, glazing and gas.

In this post, Billings Construction Group, your go-to roofer and window installation professionals, discusses everything you need to know about the three components that make a window energy-efficient.


As stated before, plain glass in windows are no longer going to cut it nowadays. With that in mind, window manufacturing companies nowadays are making the glass of their windows more and more energy-efficient. To do so, two key components are needed: gas fills and glazing.


Modern window technology allows gas to be inserted in between the glass of your window for better insulation. Once the gas has filled up the glass, the units will be sealed to prevent them from leaking out, keeping your home well insulated for years to come.

If you’re worried about having gas in your windows, you don’t have to as the popular gas fills, argon and krypton, are eco-friendly and are present in the air we breathe. Apart from insulation, these gasses also prevent condensation in your window. To install energy-efficient windows in your home, simply turn to window installation and roofing company, Billings Construction Group.


The glazing of your window is one of the factors that determines its energy-efficiency. It’s a protective layer that helps prevent heat transference of your home, reducing your reliance on your cooling systems. Apart from that, it also protects your interior from UV rays, preventing your carpets and furniture from fading. In terms of glazing, you have an abundance of options to choose from such as tinted, clear or Low-E, which is one of the most popular glazing choices available.

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