Paint lasts longer on clean, dry and sturdy surfaces. The work required to prepare your siding will depend on its condition and the material it’s made of.


One of the area’s best home exterior and roofing companies, Billings Construction Group, shares how to prepare your siding for painting.

Necessary Repairs

Repair or replace any loose or damaged siding. The process may involve removing or prying up the row of siding above the damaged siding to remove the nails that secure the affected area in place. Prime the back and ends of new boards before nailing when replacing a wood siding.

Sometimes, it’s best to replace your old siding, especially if it’s severely damaged. Contact your siding contractor if you see dry rot, mold and unsightly panels. Increased energy usage and higher utility bills may also indicate that you need new siding. Whether you need a siding replacement or commercial roofing services, you can rely on Billings Construction Group.

Landscape Protection

Cover outdoor plants with plastic or a canvas tarp during the prep work and when it’s time to paint. It will prevent soapy water from getting into the landscaping while the siding is being cleaned. Gently wet down the plants before covering them with tarps for added protection. Tarps will also prevent pieces of scraped off paint from landing in the shrubs and flower beds.

Siding Cleaning

Clean lightly soiled wood, vinyl and fiber cement siding with a garden hose. Wash dirtier spots with a hose, nylon brush and mild detergent. Remove mold and mildew with a diluted bleach solution or white vinegar mixed bleach. While a pressure washer will make the job faster, you shouldn’t use the equipment if you aren’t experienced using one. Improper use can damage the siding and cause injuries.

Removing Loose Paint & Priming

Remove peeling, blistering and other forms of damaged paint. A bad paint job or moisture problems can result in damaged paint. Address these issues before painting the siding. A contractor can completely remove all the old paint from wood surfaces. Once all the prep work has been completed, all the bare wood will be primed with an exterior primer.

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