Your windows are talking, so listen up and look closely. They might be telling you they are suffering from moisture damage, they might be stuck, or they are letting in outside air. Billings Construction Group can help with all your window and roofing needs. Springtime is a great time to take a good look at some of the most important aspects of your home. Here are just a few tips that might help when it comes to inspecting your windows.


Condensation Forms Along the Bottom or Corners of the Glass

Your windows are trying to tell you that the house is not adequately ventilated, or there is a high moisture level in the home. This is less of a window problem and more of a moisture issue, but your window provides the telltale signs. The moisture forms as condensation or frost on the windows when the temperature dips below freezing. This can lead to mold, mildew, or rotting wood sills. It’s a balancing act to reduce the moisture levels indoors without having the house too dry, but when you see condensation forming, you can run a dehumidifier, run bathroom fans, or open a single window for 15 minutes a day to exchange inside air for dry outside air.

Condensation Forms in the Center of the Glass, Inside the House

Your window is trying to tell you that you probably have a gas leak. This can be a problem in double-pane, Argon gas-filled windows. The gas, typically argon, leaks out from between the two panes or settles to the bottom of the window, causing the glass to bow inward. Once the gas leaks out, the window no longer provides good insulation, which is why the glass gets cold in the winter. Argon acts as an insulator. Replacing the window is your only option, once the gas has leaked.

Today we talked about the most common types of moisture and gas problems that are affecting your windows. Join us next time, when we discuss more ways in which your windows may be trying to tell you something. Reach out to Billings Construction Group today for all your window questions and concerns.

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