Residential Roofing


We want you as a homeowner to rest assured that you get the best in roofing repair. This picture represents the roofing systems we install. We provide quality work that prevents ice and water in the valley and sidewall areas and around chimney or low slope areas of your roof. We always install new pipe jack flashings and ventilation for your attic. Your construction rep. will go over these details in your presentation at the time of your inspection.


Billings Construction has the experience you need to get your roofing project completed. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction at every level of the roofing process. We offer exceptional customer service and listen to what our clients concerns and desires are. We then design a roofing system that will meet those needs and desires based on budget and architectural details. When we are done with your home our main goal is for our clients to be well pleased with the roofing system we put in place. At Billings Construction our clients are our number one priority!!