Where Are Your Roof’s Most Common Problem Areas?
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December 12, 2017
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January 11, 2018
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Where Are Your Roof’s Most Common Problem Areas?

Your home’s roofing is generally resilient enough to resist most of the elements thrown at it. While the whole structure is durable, some parts of it are more susceptible to damage. A plethora of issues can arise from these spots, especially if you leave them unaddressed.

Where Are Your Roof’s Most Common Problem Areas?

Billings Construction Group is a professional residential and commercial roofing company. In this post, you’ll learn where your roof’s most common problem areas are.


This is the band that runs horizontally under the roof’s edge. Also known as the roof trim, it’s made up of wooden boards or sheet metal. It’s also responsible for protecting the edge of the roof from the elements. Despite its role, it quickly deteriorates when exposed to water. If your fascia is showing signs of wear and tear, have a pro look at it before the moisture gets into the roof edge.


These are thin strips, usually made of metal, that seal the roof’s most vulnerable parts, such as the valleys and perimeter, and protect them from water intrusion. Although they’re durable, most people don’t replace them even when it’s needed. Failure to replace the flashings can make storm-damage repair costlier due to the amount of water you’ve unknowingly let into the roof.


Asphalt shingles tend to last long with proper care and maintenance, but they’re also a recurring problem area, especially when the shingles get blown off. It’s easy to put off replacing the missing shingle, but you must act quickly. Leaving an area of the roof exposed without any shingles will cause the wood underneath to rot faster, which, in turn, will cause more pressing concerns in the near future.

As one of your local roofing companies, Billings Construction Group can help you address your roofing systems’ most common problem areas. Give us a call at (405) 492-6018 for more information about our services. We serve homeowners throughout Tulsa, OK and nearby areas.

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